About us

We bridge the skills gap between the talent supply and demand sides. We specialize in corporate learning and development, focusing on increasing productivity, reducing overhead costs, and  up-skilling and cross-skilling individuals to build successful careers.

The Founders

iBridge360 founder

“As we see the future unfolding where Artificial Intelligence will play a major role in our lives, preparing the next generation to work collaboratively with AI requires quality training with the necessary skills and understanding to harness AI's capabilities, while keeping human values and ethics at the forefront.

A strong ethical framework is crucial to ensure that AI is used ethically and for the benefit of all. The ability to work effectively with AI is an important skill, and it is our responsibility to ensure that our workforce is well-prepared to navigate a future where AI is prevalent".

Aman Mustafa

“I am committed to making every graduate employable through hard work and training, with the guiding principle of "the more you sweat in training, the less you bleed in battle" at the core of our programs.

Our aim is to foster sustainable growth, trust, and inclusivity for all stakeholders. This benefits graduates, employers, communities, and the economy at large. By forging ahead with this mission, we can make a meaningful difference in countless lives.”       

Rajesh Shanmugam

Our background

Decades of combined experience in Corporate, Leadership, and Technology solutions development; Multi-cultural Global exposure to human resource development; Passionately passing on the learned knowledge and wisdom over to the next generation!

While we are excited to share our wisdom, experience, and tribal knowledge to shape their technology-driven future, we are equally excited to learn how to retain fundamental human values.

iBridge360 background
Challenge we handle

Challenges we face

We understand that we are at the cusp of a revolution where robots could replace 800 million jobs by 2030, and that 60% of today’s Grad School kids may end up at jobs that haven’t been invented yet!

We understand that  businesses struggle to find the right skills to fill their open jobs today – imagine in 2030! In an environment of volatility and uncertainty, we are left with questions of how students will learn to collaborate with AI to enhance human values!

What we do

We help bridge the gap, ensuring that every graduate acquires the skill and knowledge that Organizations value most. We see to it that the learners are ready for employment with Just-in-time knowledge, and that their performance will achieve the desired results from day one.

Our idea of bridging the gap quickly is to let the learners constantly self-assess their capability improvements. 

iBrodge360-what we do
iBridge360-how we do

How we do it

We constantly assess the market on specific skills that are required by the Industries, and design bootcamps and  programs. We also constantly assess the knowledge gained by the learners to determine their minimum viable knowledge needed to attain the skills needed for the jobs.

With the data collected throughout our curriculum, our ML/AI algorithms will optimize the learning process. 

Our team

Feel free to communicate with any of us to learn more aboutour vision for the education of the future!

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