When you offer Visualization Analysis?

If you come across any customer who have the following pain points, your value on the visualization will give a better ROI.

Feeding a person who is hungry always makes both parties very happy. So, selling visualization to companies which currently don’t have an Dashboards gives us more probability for success and acceptance.

If they already have the Dashboards , what are the principles they follow to build Dashboards? If they don’t have any principles or process in the team, you have a opportunity to make a difference. Telling a story through data is very important for the company which is focusing on any form of Analytics.

How does one see an opportunity? If these scenario flashes many times in your organizations management circle, then you must bring in Visualization implementation using Dashboarding tools / services to empower them to focus on long term objectives.

  1. I am not able to be proactive in my job, I am missing. I working hard, but not satisfied with the result.
  2. I don’t have enough statistical information of what we are doing and no high level picture or reports.
  3. I have to rely on others to deliver reports to see my numbers.
  4. Always fire fighting with my operations even though my job is an Analyst or a Senior Level Executive.
  5. I have to deal with the numbers my self in excel to understand the trend even though there is an IT team with in the organization.
  6. All the MIS reports are done in Excel, maintenance is harder. People show the manipulated data as they have access to change the excel data.
  7. There are no analysts in the office to do any assistance to get your data or give insights.
  8. There is no interactive reports available in the platform you deal with.
  9. I have to run multiple reports to get an answer what I am looking for.

Above pointers are the leads through which you can sense there is an opportunity to provide Visual Analysis using Dashboarding tools.

Hope this helps to identify the opportunity to showcase data in Visuals for your customers.

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