Making Every Graduate Employable

Making Every Graduate Employable

As many of you know, we are into educating and empowering job seekers into confident, committed and add value to self, family and employer through the skills they acquired in our mentoring process. We use to transform 100 to 150 individuals in a year from the inception of Aroha. Year 2020 and 2021 changed the way the mentoring world is working and working / learning from any part of the world has become reality.

With 16 years of running Aroha, we learned so much about our learners, customers, technology and challenges that come along with it. With all chaos in the system, noise in the market place, learners miss the fundamentals of programming and why businesses exist and how businesses add value to the world we live in. We strongly believe in empowering resources with fundamentals of programming, why business exists and link those two aspects to personal mission you have in life. When the direction is set, we see less trouble in reaching the destination.

With the collective experience and advancement of technology, we are able to build applications to learn things in a better way, identify the gaps we have in understanding business, technology and process, improve the productivity by applying thoughts you have to solve the problem.

So, I joined my hands with Aman Mustafa to embark on the new journey to make a difference in job seekers life and folks who want to upgrade themselves to add more value in the current job. In order to accomplish the same, we started iBRIDGE360 with the mission of MAKING EVERY GRADUATE EMPLOYABLE. (iBridge360) Once the learner is employable, finding employers is a cake walk. If you are not skilled enough to take care of the work, you will be in trouble as most of the employers are firefighting to take care of the business, they don’t have time to guide you in every step in the first few months. iBRIDGE360’s mission is to guide learners to choose the right direction, empower them to choose the right job role and start the journey into work life.

I thank all the learners, employees, customers and the support system which made me a learner on a daily basis. Hoping to reach out to more learners through iBRDIGE360 to create more value and sustainable in the long run. The more we sweat when we learn, the less we bleed at work. In iBridge360, we make you sweat so that you can enjoy the work in an authentic way. You don’t need certification from others, but you need the clarity and confidence on how you solve a problem by the role you play (engineer, accountant, executive, operations assistant, customer support etc.), we enable you to do just the same.

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